Making It All Happen

So now you’ve read about the exciting plans that lay ahead, and we hope you’re as filled with anticipation as we are. This will truly be a transformative project for the Museum!

And needless to say, it requires a major fundraising effort to make this significant and ambitious project a reality. “Major” meaning about one million dollars, in fact. But the good news—make that GREAT news—is that the Museum has already raised $950,000 (including in-kind services and donations) towards that total. Which means we have only $50,000 left to raise.

And that’s where we hope the community will step in to help. This is the time where we need you—our members, our visitors, our friends—to reflect on what the Museum of Making Music means to you and invest in this project. No gift is too small...or too large. It all helps.

Before you donate though, we want you to know a couple things:

First: When you contribute to this campaign, 100% of your donation will go directly to the Renovation Project. No dollars to keep the lights on, no dollars to upkeep the facility, no dollars for staff salaries. Because all those expenses are entirely covered by NAMM (the National Association of Music Merchants). That’s right. Our parent organization, The NAMM Foundation, which advances participation globally in music making by supporting ventures such as scientific research, public service programs, and philanthropic initiatives, also supports the Museum with overhead costs. It’s a unique situation, and we are truly grateful for their support and commitment to the program.

Second: When you contribute to this campaign, your donation is going to a reputable community institution and cultural asset. MoMM has a proven track record. The Museum has received Carlsbad’s Chamber of Commerce Medium Business of the Decade Award and grants from community agencies such as the County of San Diego, the Carlsbad Cultural Arts Office, and the Carlsbad Charitable Foundation, to name just a few. The Museum has an impeccable reputation for program quality and accountability with awarded funds, and you can rest assured that your donation will be meaningfully used to make an impact.

So donate today and say “I helped make the renovation happen!”

Ways to Give

More Ways to Give

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  • Gifts of Stock

    Gifts to the Museum in the form of stocks that have appreciated in value may be especially attractive. When you transfer ownership of securities to MoMM, you receive a charitable income tax deduction for their full market value, and you incur no capital gains tax (subject to IRS deduction limits). Call Alisa, Development Officer at 760/304-5820 for details.

    Step One: Donate
    Please provide your broker with the following information:
    Name of Account: Museum of Making Music
    Name of Broker: Charles Schwab
    Account: 9154-9846
    Tax ID: 33-0797657

    Step Two: Notify Us
    We wish to ensure gifts are properly received and acknowledged. Please email Alisa either before or after donating securities:

  • Making a non-taxable gift from your IRA
    Those who are 70½ years or older can give up to $100,000 directly to a qualified nonprofit organization, such as MoMM, from an IRA without counting the gift as taxable income. Your IRA custodian must send the sum directly to the charity you designate, rather than you giving the money to the non-profit organization yourself. No income tax will be due on this money if gifted as a transfer. You don’t have to itemize your tax deductions, and it can satisfy all or part of your required minimum distribution from your IRA for the year or even reduce your adjusted gross income. The gifted portion is excluded from taxable income and can help a donor stay in a lower marginal income tax bracket while accomplishing charitable giving goals.
  • Tribute Gift
    If you have a loved one who has been impacted by music, you can establish a memorial or tribute gift—whether to honor that person or to celebrate a special occasion such as an anniversary or a birthday—with the funds specifically targeted to support the work of the renovation. The contribution you make is a gift that helps us create and maintain a living legacy that will then be enjoyed by thousands of people each year. When you make a memorial or tribute donation, you will receive a receipt acknowledging your gift. If you choose, we will also send a letter to the individual(s) being honored or a family member of your loved one who has passed, informing them of your gift but keeping the amount of the gift confidential.
  • Company Matching
    Do you work for IBM, AT&T, Bank of America, Qualcomm, or Sony? These companies and many more will match their employees' and often retirees' contributions to MoMM. We will also list you and your company as a supporter! Matching gifts are an easy way to increase the impact of your contribution to the Museum at no additional cost to you.
  • Corporate Sponsorship
    NAMM’s Museum of Making Music can provide your company with a valuable platform for partnership. Because every company has different objectives, our sponsors enjoy a customized package of benefits that meets their unique needs.
    • Privilege to host private receptions, dinners, and events in the Museum’s board room or concert venue
    • Client engagement opportunities, including private, after-hours tours

Special Thanks