And Still More

And we’re not finished yet. So far we’ve written about the major revisions in content and design planned for the central galleries, but a returning visitor will know “things have changed” as soon as they enter the NAMM building. Touchscreens in both the lobby and the entrance to the Museum quickly signal the technological upgrades made. Want to learn more about NAMM? You can find it here. NAMM’s history; NAMM award winners in categories such as Best in Show products, Dealer of the Year, and TECnology Hall of Fame product inductees; Founding Members, Legacy Sponsors, and current donors of the Museum; and upcoming programs being presented at the Museum will all be easily available and accessible.

Once inside the Museum, a new Orientation Theater plays a short video to help orient the visitor to the Museum’s new thematic storyline: making the instruments, providing the instruments, and using the instruments. It’s a short but important introduction, and it sets the tone for the exciting experiences and learning opportunities to come.

Finally, there are two more spaces we need to mention.

First, we can’t forget the tremendously popular Interactive Gallery! After touring the three main galleries, visitors will enter the gallery—now expanded—full of instruments to explore at their leisure. The new design of this area is inspired by music recording studios—with rich, warm colors and a comfortable atmosphere. Multiple stations offer some of the industry’s latest instrument designs, and people can play in groups or in privacy with a set of headphones. A new element to this room will be a dedicated space designed with our youngest guests in mind and includes comfortable flooring and age-appropriate instruments.

And second, the Temporary Exhibition Space. Which is NOT changing—in shape, that is. But of course, by its very definition, this space is changing all the time, and we will continue to present a wide variety of exciting exhibitions in this gallery.