Membership: Compose Your Own Membership

Membership: Compose Your Own Membership

We know that music making is a very personal thing, and that each one of you engages with it in a different way. We think the same can be said for your involvement with and experience of the Museum. Therefore, we want to let you have a say in shaping your involvement—in effect, “composing” your own membership plan and benefits to mold the way you interact with the various offerings of the Museum.

Don’t worry though, we will not be increasing current membership levels and prices in 2014. Rather, we will be adding some exciting new membership components from which you can choose—in a way that best serves you!

For instance…do you really enjoy our concerts and intimate performance space? If so, you might want to select a “concert-focused” membership. Among other things, this type of membership would enable you to receive a discount on seats in our performance space, which, by the way, is being upgraded with new sound and lighting equipment!

Are you fascinated by our exhibitions? If so, an “exhibition-focused” membership might be of interest to you. With a private pre-opening view of special exhibitions, a gallery talk with museum staff, a private tour of an instrument manufacturing company, and a 20% discount on books in the museum store, you will gain valuable knowledge and insights through these exclusive behind-the-scenes benefits designed for exhibition-focused members.

Or if you would like to be fully engaged in our museum community and programs, our “visionary membership” might be for you. This type of membership will give you an extensive combination of benefits including reserved premium seating at five concerts each year, individual and company recognition online and electronically at the entrance to the museum, private tours, trips to see the museum’s subsidized programming first hand, and invitations to receptions prior to exhibition openings.