Membership: 800 and Counting

Membership: 800 and Counting

The Membership program is a critical component of the Museum’s success because… 

Well, for one reason, it brings in important dollars that help us pay for various education programs and exhibitions. There is no minimizing that fact! Those are vital funds for the Museum. 

There is another equally significant aspect to “membership” though. Memberships are concrete evidence of ongoing support of a museum by its audience. Not that we don’t like one-time visitors. Especially out-of-towners here for a brief stay, the ones that go back home and say “we went to this really great, unique museum when we were in Carlsbad.” And we surely appreciate repeat visitors, especially when they bring someone new to the Museum on a subsequent visit. 

But members… it means that we are providing enough value, enough quality, enough meaningful experiences with our programs and exhibitions, to make a visitor want to support the Museum financially, by becoming a member!

There are currently 800 of you. We’d love to have more. You are, therefore, hereby deputized and given full authority to encourage your friends and neighbors to become members as well. Because you already know the benefits—both tangible (such as concert discounts) and intangible—of what being a member of the Museum means. Sitting next to a non-member at a concert or event? Encourage them to sign up. Can’t think of what to give someone who “has everything”? Buy them a membership. A referral or recommendation from a dedicated member is our best marketing tool. 

We’ve worked hard over the past couple of years to develop a variety of membership packages that appeal to our various audiences and supporters. And so, in addition to our traditional individual packages, we have what we call “Enhanced Membership Packages.” Those include:

Learning Track

Are you fascinated by exhibitions, instruments and behind-the-scenes stories? Then this “exhibition-focused” membership is for you.

Listening Track

Do you love live music? Join us for Museum concerts that not only entertain, but educate and engage as well. Two premium tickets to any five concerts and reserved concert seating are included in this package.

Visionary Track: Play It Forward with Music 

Would you like to be fully engaged in our Museum community? From concerts to behind-the-scenes opportunities, you will be part of a special group of valued Museum supporters who are committed to joining us as we Play It Forward with music.