Education: A Generous Donation from Palomar College

Education: A Generous Donation from Palomar College

This fall, the Spring 2017 Production Guitar Class at Palomar College donated 15 “parlor guitars” to the Museum. These guitars were designed and built by students under the guidance of their professor, Jack Stone. A special “thank you” goes to Museum volunteer Jeff Nobis, who participated in the class. These are thoughtfully crafted, well-made guitars and were delivered to the Museum with pride and loving care.

What exactly is a “parlor” guitar? According to Alexander Briones writing on the Parlor Guitars website, while there is no specifically defined size or shape, a parlor guitar is generally smaller in size, designed to be comfortable enough to play on a couch or the front porch. Or, in a parlor. Today, the term parlor guitar covers a wide spectrum of guitar styles, from traditional western designs to eclectic one-of-a-kind boutique builds. (By contrast, a “concert” guitar is, as the name implies, designed to be played in a larger venue.)

Needless to say, the Museum is extremely grateful for this thoughtful and generous gift. This donation creates a number of educational options and opportunities for the Museum. The guitars can be utilized in conjunction with our MusicVentures tours, providing school children visiting the Museum the opportunity to experience holding and playing a guitar. They can also be used as part of an outreach program where students can experience many types of instruments: the smaller size of these guitars makes them perfect for use by elementary school students. 

For now, the guitars will make their “debut” at the Museum’s family Make ‘N’ Play Day on January 21, 2018. (See groove or the website for more details.) One thing is certain: these guitars will get a lot of use and provide a lot of enjoyment.