MIDI@40: Artistry • Inclusivity • Connectivity

MIDI@40: Artistry • Inclusivity • Connectivity

April 7, 2023 - August 31, 2023

Created in collaboration with the MIDI Association, MIDI@40 celebrates the incredible possibilities enabled by MIDI in the 40 years since its public introduction. Through a collection of stories and media from manufacturers, musicians, and engineers, visitors will learn about the myriad ways MIDI has impacted music: new sonic and performance capabilities, far-reaching real-time collaboration, nearly limitless adaptability and extensibility, and more. A brief history of MIDI, along with a look to its future and a high-level overview of its functionality, will contextualize the technology. Finally, an interactive area with MIDI-enabled instruments and other devices will give visitors a glimpse at what MIDI has made possible.



Exhibition Related Events

MIDI@40 Member Preview

Apr. 6: MIDI@40 Member Preview
Members are invited to visit between 4PM and 6PM on Thursday, April 6 for a free preview of our newest special exhibition: MIDI@40